Live Webinar with IEEE R8



THE POWER OF VOLUNTEERING --- FOR SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURSHIP From a young age, Urenna Onyewuchi, Ph.D. was assigned leadership positions: in secondary school, class monitor multiple times, school time prefect and then female senior prefect for the entire school; in college, secretary/ vice president/ acting president of the African Students Association and vice president of the GMU IEEE student chapter; in graduate school and afterwards, appointed general chairperson of the IEEE PES Power Africa Conference (PAC); at work, chairperson for an African-themed Black History Month event series. She has been advocating for Africa and its development for almost 20 years in the US and globally. All her leadership (and volunteer) work in academia and industry have honed several skills that are proving successful in establishing her strong startup. She will be speaking on June 3 about volunteering intentionally to hone relevant skills for entrepreneurial success. The talk is a part of the IEEE R8 “Talkspreneur” initiative: improving the success of engineering entrepreneurs in EMEA. Dr. Onyewuchi's startup,, is an answer to the gaps she noticed firsthand while establishing the IEEE PAC on the African continent. Watch live on IEEE R8's FB page and our FB/Instagram page (@aprofessionalafrica). R8 speaker views often exceed 2000 from EMEA. Register at for updates.