Learn about the Egba People of Nigeria and the Nigerian Economy



Learn about the culture of the Egba people of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, West Africa. They have produced many greats and continue to. All the Nigerian presidents from Yoruba land have been from this part of the country. The first woman to ever drive a car, Mrs. Kuti, was an Egba woman. She also spearheaded campaigning for women to vote in Nigeria. Talk about gender equality. Mr. Jide Solanke, expert in Nigerian economy, Nigerian investment banking, financial markets (global), a Yoruba Egba man, spoke about the bleak outlook of the Nigerian economy in the beginning. But having learnt that we need to increase diverse spending in Nigeria, match GDP with the 3% population growth rate, improve infrastructure in the country, and make ourselves (Nigeria) able to pay back debt, we ended by seeing that there is hope in the outlook. This hope, as presented by Dr. Onyewuchi, will arise if Africans and Nigerians in the diaspora begin to invest in the country (financially, intellectually and strategically). Dr. Onyewuchi will be taking a big delegation of Americans (of different descent) to Nigeria twice this year to engage hands-on in the Nigerian economy.