About Us

A Professional Africa (APA) is the premier collaboration platform for the development of Africa and emerging economies. It specializes in three things: curating educational programming (including lectures, conferences and webinars) for clients and the public, sourcing subject matter experts and learning and development resources for clients, and offering world-class short online masterclasses in important areas of the economy including financial markets.


A Professional Africa (APA) has consulted briefly for the Central Bank of Nigeria and the International Training Institute (ITI) Learning and Development in sourcing online educational content for staff. APA’s Women in Business courses have been called a differentiator by MTN Nigeria's development manager. Presently, APA is consulting with international organizations to ensure affordable superior online learning and development tools to Africans and others around the world.



Create an Africa the world respects 

Mission Statement: 

...providing tools and strategies to solve Africa's development problems through global collaborations   


1. Quality
2. Creativity and Innovation
3. Exclusivity
4. Due diligence


Our founder is a minority female with a Ph.D. from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology. She is heavily involved in power and energy (big development need in Africa), has almost 20 years of strong African development experience, has successfully executed on multiple infrastructural projects in about 15 countries in 4 continents, and has a strong network of global experts. She is action-oriented and does not take "No" for an answer. She is resourceful and will drive the completion of every initiative we start. We do not know anyone who has the same background and are sure that A Professional Africa will meet your needs and the needs of your organization.
Our areas of expertise, directly or through our network of collaborations, are in poverty eradication, governance, agriculture, gender equality (and women empowerment), climate change and sustainable solutions, manufacturing, technology, power and energy, human development, healthcare and drug safety, security, migration, youth engagement, creating standards on infrastructural maintenance and resilience, among others.
Through our projects and initiatives, we are helping create an African workforce of high quality and professionalism.
Our goals are to:
1. Provide world-class online higher education and professional development courses and videos to executive, mid-level and entry-level learners,
2. Provide development opportunities (volunteer and internship) for jobseekers and subsequently match them to paying jobs,
3. Increase revenue and innovation of African companies through our successful learners,
4. Export African skilled labor to the world, and
5. Support homegrown solutions to African problems.
We have secured a partnership with top online education company, MindEdge Learning, for Africa and Middle East. MindEdge Learning was founded over 20 years ago by MIT and Harvard educators. MindEdge is known for working with business/management schools and programs in companies and universities like Duke University, Drexel University, University of Texas Austin, and more. We will finalize a number of other significant partnerships in the next two weeks. 
We will update the site regularly with accomplishments and new partnerships, starting Q4 2020.