LIFELINE - Mental Health

1.  What is the first line of action when you realize you may have a mental health issue?

Go first to your regular doctor (primary care physician). He or she will guide you to a mental health professional, if necessary, including if you start to develop  insomnia or sleep problems.

2. How do you open up to loved ones about your mental illness?

Pick the most rational one that manages stress better. He or she could help take you to get the care you need.

3. How often should we be doing mental checks?

Regularly (daily/weekly etc.). Look for a non-judgmental space to process what is going on in your life. Your spiritual medium might be it. 

Other notes:

If you have lost employment benefits, look for programs and organizations that provide free counseling or therapy.

For other questions, leave comments below. Ms. Ogundiyun will respond.

How do I take courses on mental health?.and how can obtain a certificate on mental health.