A Professional Africa is seeking top sales individuals to serve as independent contractors 

These will not be direct employees of the company but will sell courses and certificates in their own rights. All traffic for purchasing must be directed through the A Professional Africa platform for sales to count. 


Determine your clientele of expertise and pursue sales. Commission is 8% of sales as the courses do not belong to me but my partner. Commission is 10% for contractors who take the Ethics for Project Managers course on aprofessionalafrica.com. As monthly sales per contractor increases exponentially, we can discuss even higher commissions. 


Sales of 10 certificates in a month can potentially yield $1000, tracked within the platform. 


How to gain income:

1. Understand our categories of courses and certificates. 

2. Understand that certificates are a bundle of multiple courses and save a learner about 20% of buying multiple courses in the category individually. 

3. Understand what types of courses your clients are interested in.

4. Register yourself on the website or app: www.aprofessionalafrica.com/register 

5. Use the "Refer Friend" functionality to input the name and email addresses of those you have convinced to purchase the course or told about the course.

6. Continue to remind your prospects.

7. When your prospects have purchased up to $400, you will be able to cash out your gains. Otherwise, use your cash in the wallet to either sponsor someone else's course or purchase courses of your own.



Things to note:

1. Certificates of completion are awarded to everyone who passes the exams. 


2. Banking: Courses on customer service, financial markets, cybersecurity, banking sales, security awareness may be of interest. 


3. Hotels and Hospitality: Courses on customer service, finance, management, security awareness may be of interest.


4. Government: Courses on computer applications, operations, customer service, ethics may be of interest. 


5. Power utilities, engineering firms and manufacturing plants: Courses on Agile, project management, lean six sigma, LEED may be of interest. 


6. Universities and Colleges: All courses would be of interest. Commission for university-enterprise is large. Professors, lecturers and research assistants who are able to convince deans and registrars towards online learning will benefit from several registrations/enrollments.